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At St Lawrence, we teach our children to develop a deep and secure understanding of key mathematical concepts, based on the National Curriculum. This is done through a focus on fluency, reasoning and problem-solving using the White Rose scheme of work.  At each stage, pupils learn facts which they then apply to mental and written calculation, and problem-solving.  We have adopted and are developing a Mastery Approach across the school to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts. We aim to provide opportunities where our children can apply their mathematical understanding in a range of subjects across the wider curriculum, using their skills to "soar on wings like eagles".

St Lawrence CE Primary School aim to introduce KIRFs as a whole-school program for raising standards in Maths.

KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts) are designed to support the development of the mental skills that underpin much of the maths work in schools. They are particularly useful when calculating, be it adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing. An important part of maths development has always been rote learning of certain numeracy facts. For many years this has included practising times tables. We have added more structure to this throughout school, as well as adding several other elements of instant recall maths.

Each half term children are given Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) to practise and learn at home as well as the work in school. These are sent home on A4 sheets, with a KIRF for each half-term on each side (these are recalled each term) and include practical ideas for parents / helpers to assist children in grasping the key facts. It is important that they know these thoroughly and can recall specific facts instantly.

Whilst children have a wide range of abilities in mathematics, the KIRFs are designed to be a set of facts that need to be learnt thoroughly as they build on each other year on year. Again, we stress that the children must aim to know their KIRF inside out, back to front and with instant recall.

We strongly encourage you to engage with your children in the learning of their KIRFs; fun, practical ideas are included on each side of your sheet and should be undertaken regularly as part of their homework schedule. We know that, by internalising these key facts which have been carefully structured to build upon each other term by term, year by year, children will leave St Lawrence CE Primary School with a much stronger foundation of mathematical understanding to build upon.