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At St Lawrence, we believe every child should thrive and flourish so that they can ‘soar on wings like eagles’.

Religion and culture are so interconnected, it is important to be religiously literate. Religious literacy includes knowledge of religious beliefs and practice, as well as an appreciation of faith and belief within society.

Our enquiry based learning provided by the RE curriculum offers children rich and varied knowledge and understanding opportunities to learn about Christianity as well as other religions and world views. We ensure that this is through the use of special texts, beliefs, rituals and practices. Children have the opportunity to develop their skills of analysis, interpretation, evaluation and reflection during RE lessons, in a safe space where they can each explore in their own way.

Through the ‘Understanding Christianity’ program, we aim for children to develop religious conversation throughout the school, in the spiral curriculum format. This means that themes are revisited and investigated more deeply in different year groups, ‘Digging Deeper’.

World Faith teaching and learning is based upon the Coventry and Warwickshire
Agreed Syllabus. Again, this program of work ensures that knowledge is build upon from year group to year group by revisiting different World Faiths throughout the school. Our curriculum details the key questions and knowledge that the children will investigate throughout their time with us at St Lawrences .
Religious Education St Lawrence C of E Primary School Children develop their understanding of Christianity and other world faiths through meaningful and real experiences, research and discussion. Thereby equipping them with the knowledge and spiritual awareness so that they can ‘soar on wings like eagles’.