School Closure – make sure you are the first to know!

Should we be unable to open the school because of bad weather or other reasons e.g. problems with the school building, heating etc, we do try to put a notification on the ‘About’ page of this website as early as possible – usually before 7am! However you can also sign up for other notifications below!

To find out if the school is closed or to sign up for free text message alerts, RSS feeds, twitter or see which radio stations will broadcast news of a closure! Just click here!

Although it may well be possible for those living in Napton to get in, we must have enough staff in school to cover all the classes, and many travel in from surrounding areas. A decision not to open the school, or to close early, is not taken lightly, as you will appreciate it causes far more trouble for everyone concerned!

Letter to parents – snow day procedures.doc