Uniform for those in Little Lawrences:

This is a school uniform which we encourage children to wear:

  • emerald green round necked sweatshirt with the Little Lawrences logo embroidered on (available from school).
  • children and parents often wish to wear polo shirts, trousers (long or short) and other uniform as specified similar to those in Reception. This is always welcomed but not expected.
  • Children may wear their own or parents’ choice of clothes as they see as appropriate.

Uniform for those in the main School

This is a school uniform which we expect children (Reception to Year 4) to wear:

  • emerald green round necked sweatshirt with school logo (available from school).
  • grey skirt or pinafore dress
  • grey trousers (long or short)
  • gold polo shirt (available from school).
  • white or grey socks, grey or dark green tights
  • sensible footwear, preferably brown or  black,and not trainers (no boots to  be worn in school)
  • Yellow and white striped or checked dresses can be worn in the summer.

All clothing should be clearly labeled with your child’s name.

When children reach Years 5 and 6, white shirts and ties (traditional or clip on) are worn. Emerald Green V necked sweaters or cardigans can also be worn.

Though sweatshirts and cardigans can only be purchased at school,  gold polo’s, ties, caps, book bags, PE bags and PE shorts are also available from school.

St Lawrence School Uniform Price List

Second hand uniform is often available, just ask at the school office for more information.

Clothing for Physical Education

There is no specific uniform for children in Little Lawrences, Reception and KS1. However, children should have a suitable change of clothing for PE e.g. shorts, tee-shirt and gym shoes (slip-on for Class 1 or younger), Indoor PE is done with bare feet. Leotards may be worn.

There is a uniform PE kit in KS2. This includes the wearing of green shorts (available from school) and a white polo shirt. Indoor and outdoor trainers are required. Studded boots for use on the fields are allowed but no spikes.

Children will require a swimming kit and towel through the year. One piece swimsuits needed please and no shorts that are below the knees.

P.E. kit should be clearly labeled with your child’s name and kept in a named drawstring bag. Please tie back long hair at all times for both hygiene and safety reasons.

You will find a copy of the Uniform Policy here.