Online Safety on line is taken very seriously at St Lawrence’s both in school time and outside of school. The internet offers a wealth of information and entertainment simply not available to previous generations. Wrong choices are, however occasionally made that offend and hurt others and users may even put themselves or others in danger.  How many of us track our children’s usage of online equipment at home? In school internet usage is strictly monitored and action will be taken if we find any evidence of misuse.


We would like to remind you that many social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are not for children under the age of 13.  These sites have strict Terms of Use and Community Guidelines that make their age requirement clear.

Due to this appropriate age limit, we will ‘report’ any accounts that we are aware of if we find evidence that they are being misused. As a school, we intend to help make the most of the opportunities that the internet offers whilst minimising the possible risks.

Please find our full Online Safety Policy here.

We regularly cover a set of ‘Rules for Responsible Internet Use’ that we teach the children. The following websites may be useful to parents.