A guide to the rewards at St. Lawrences – Napton.

We have very high expectations of achievement and behaviour here at St.Lawrence’s as you would expect but we know that rewards are an important way encouraging children to meet them.

All children are assigned to one of the four school teams

  • Red Falcons
  • Yellow Eagles
  • Green Kestrels
  • Blue Buzzards

They have to do their best to earn as many points as possible for their school team.

The children are in the same teams for Sports Days and compete to earn the impressive ‘Betty Wiggins Memorial Cup’.

Each week the team points are collected from each class and totalled together to earn the ‘Team Point Cup’.

At the end of the year, all totals are collated to see which team earns the small but highly valued ‘Winners Cup’.

By doing this they are individually recognised as well with:

  • Bronze Awards (30 team points in KS1 and 50 for KS2) – this equates to 3 stars that have 10 stickers on each in KS1.
  • Silver Awards (50 team points in KS1 but 100 for KS2)
  • Gold Awards (100 team points in KS1 but 200 for KS2)
  • Platinum Awards (200 team points for KS1 but 300 for KS2)
  • Team Awards (300 team points for KS1 but 400 for KS2)


Team points are earned throughout the day by the children in the classroom. They might be earned for great work, for helping someone else, for showing enthusiasm or for simply being the first to show that they are ready to learn.

Great behaviour, politeness and manners are encouraged across the school through the use of Raffle Tickets. These are awarded by the Head teacher, Senior Midday Supervisor and the caretaker. 10 are drawn each week to earn a small prize or token of recognition. Anyone who doesn’t win that week goes into the Super Draw at the end of each half term and can win one of four seasonal prizes.

A member of each class is invited to a tea-party with the Head teacher  – a recognition of those who are always good, always trying – the ‘good egg’ award!

The ‘Top Table’ Awards are awarded each week for children who have displayed very good manners each day. These children are treated like ‘Lords and Ladies’, go first for hot dinners and have a table that has been laid out with a topical central

All awards are announced in the Achievement Assembly each Friday – and all parents are invited.