What do do if your child is ill.

Whilst we encourage good attendance here at St Lawrence’s, we understand that occasionally children will be too unwell to attend school.
In this instance:
    • We request that you telephone or email the school by 9.30am on the day that your child is to be absent.
    • We ask that you tell us why your child is not attending school and when they are likely to return.
    • If your child is absent from school for more than one day, we ask that you contact the school every day to confirm this.
Tel: 01926 812447 (there is an answerphone)


Attendance and Leave of Absence in Term Time

St Lawrence CE Primary School is committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all its pupils and recognises this can only be achieved by supporting and promoting excellent school attendance for all.

Attendance has a very high profile at St Lawrence Primary School and is regularly discussed at assemblies and in classes. Parents are regularly reminded in newsletters about the importance of good attendance and its links to attainment. We closely monitor children’s attendance, providing parents with an attendance report printout several times a year, alerting parents if we feel there is an issue.

This is based on the belief that only by attending school regularly and punctually will children and young people be able to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them. High attainment depends on good attendance.

The current school target for attendance is 97.2%. If a child’s attendance falls below this school target we may contact the parents to discuss this.


Less than 85%

Unless very good reasons needs investigating.


Less than 90% is a concern and Classed as persistent absence by the DfE.

90 -96.9%

Could be a worry.

97% and above

Is good and near 100% is excellent.

As a parent/ carer you are legally responsible for making sure your child/children attends school regularly.

Poor attendance disrupts a child’s education. This causes a lack of continuity and progression in school work and can establish patterns of behaviour which may lead to long-term truancy.

Leave of Absence During Term Time

Headteachers are only permitted to grant leave for exceptional circumstances.  If you think you have exceptional circumstances, please complete a Leave of Absence Form.  If exceptional circumstances are accepted, the Headteacher will determine how much absence will be authorised.

Please note: Holidays which are unauthorised should not be taken.  If they are taken, parents are in breach of their legal duty to ensure that their child attends school full time and may be subject to a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution through the courts.

  • Applications for Leave of Absence must be made in advance and failure to do so will result in the absence being recorded as “unauthorised”. This may result in legal action against the parent, by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice.
  • Applications for Leave of Absence which are made in advance and refused will result in the absence being recorded as “unauthorised”. This may result in legal action against the parent, by way of a Fixed Penalty Notice, if the child is absent from school during that period.

Application for leave of absence – click here