St Lawrence Primary School in Napton is a happy, church school that aims to nurture the unique talents of individuals, in part through its thriving musical life. Besides the in-class music every child has the opportunity to learn an instrument with the support of the Napton Music festival during their time in the school. Music very much promoted and celebrated with children learning a wide range of instruments from cornet to harp, piano to saxophone and violin to flute.

As a result, the school has an enthusiastic orchestra of children supported by staff plays every week in school and regularly beyond: for tea parties, local events and to recently help celebrate the Centenary of the Diocese of Coventry at the Cathedral.  A confidence and love of music through playing with others, right from the early days of their musical journey is in our view, essential.

The choir performing today was formed in 2016 to develop singing further in the school. It is open to any children in KS2 who want to be a part of it and has performed songs from many different genres and in several languages, whilst having a lot of fun along the way.

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