Our aim is as always to prepare children for their start into Year 1: that the children are keen and ready to learn and are armed with the skills to enable them to do so.

The curriculum is organised into 7 key areas of learning.

The 3 Prime Areas:

1. Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

2. Physical Development.

3. Communication and Language

There are 4 other specific areas that will be the focus of learning:

1. Literacy

2. Mathematics

3. Understanding the world

4. Expressive art and design

Throughout these seven areas of learning and the key aspects (often known as Early Learning Goals), we aim to:

  • Engage your child through opportunities to explore and learn through play.
  • Motivate your child through active learning so as to ensure that they are achieving, that they keep on trying and that they are able to develop their concentration skills.
  • Create an ethos that helps your child to think critically by encouraging him/her to have their own ideas, make links with a range of other ideas by getting them to ask ‘why’ and to help them choose how to develop a strategy.

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